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Ferrer Manel

Ferrer Manel, we make collections for companies and fashion boutiques

FERRER-MANEL is a sewing workshop with few staff but high quality.

Their models are always exclusive and chosen by companies and boutiques for their collections.

Ferrer-Manel is a designer and pattern maker who loves his work makes his works are of great quality, with very good taste and above all full of enthusiasm.

The scaling by size is also the work of our designer. Everything to do with pattern making.

The dressmaker's shop is exquisite, she has a long professional career and has been trained by the major ready-to-wear companies in Paris.

If you are a company or fashion boutique that want to make their own collection or events, always related to the world of fashion, and do not have a team of professionals behind, here we offer our sewing workshop to make your dreams come true.

You just have to have the idea and we make it happen.

If you are interested in our way of looking at quality fashion, call us the same way if you need more information.

Thank you. Thank you,